Corporate Training


Best Ielts Coaching Center partners with organizations to co-create in-house training that impact key business outcomes. It engages with clients, conducts need diagnostics study and provides consulting framework for the establishment of these joint trainings. These trainings are designed to ensure sustained standards of performance and enhance productivity.
The gap between education and corporate world is bridged by this business division. Grooming, personality development and soft skills training is imparted in this.
Training Process Outsourcing
Organizations are focusing on the core strengths and outsourcing many of the non-core areas. One of the non-core area is the complete training process. Best Ielts Coaching Center has been partnering with various organizations and embassies on Training Process Outsourcing where the complete responsibility of the training lies with Best Ielts Coaching Center. While doing such type of partnerships, KPIs to be impacted are mutually agreed. In this partnership Best Ielts Coaching Center creates customized multi lingual content, selects and trains staff & sets up review and audit processes.